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this is the front view notice i have the upgraded for lights on the car factory installed also i have hid lighting factory installed on the car which cost a pretty penny

i have installed clear bumper lenses

this is the top of the motor i have an short ram intake, strut bar, and ignition pack with wires . intake added about 7hp to the wheel

this is the screamin demon distributor pack 7hp to the wheel

i do have the battery cover but i had it off at the time of the pictures

this is the altezza lights i put on here there were only 5 sets of this model made . some re close but not exact the red lights are shaped different very nice appearance
this is a custom catback exhaust with 2 2/5 piping installed gave a total of about 9 hp to the wheel this not the original header for the zts model they had bigger headers from what i was told by ford which was made to create more hp
the car has just over 8,000 miles still under factory warranty of 3 year 36,000 mile warranty
the car has all leather interior with wood grain panels leather is in perfect condition
the car comes with factory cd player . with 2 12 inch legacy subs 600watts a piece, legacy 600 watt amp with bass controler that sits next to front seat , also the car is wired up for tv's there is a small hole next to the radio where the power wire goes through no tv is in it now because i broke it but can get one for real cheap if you would like it in there when the tv is on the sound plays through all speakers including subs in trunk . the sound in the car is awesome its not to loud but just right for this car
the amp and capacity cap are hidden behind the back seats mounted to the back of the sub box wires are a little messy do to having to pull box out to take picture
these rims were made for me by the svt team you will not find these kinda rims no where . the color on the rims match the color of the car exactly. also the vinyl on the windows ( front and back ) were color matched to match the car exactly . the rims have little wear but not noticeable from normal wear and tear but are in excellent condition , the tires are brandnew less than 200 miles on them all are z rated tires top of the line